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Mission Magnetic Mayhem Fun Darts Game 7 Games in One with 12 Magnetic Darts



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A fun and safe Magnetic Dart Board Set for the whole family! There are SEVEN different games suitable for all levels of player, with four sets of magnetic darts in different colours so everyone can join in! The Magnetic Mayhem comes in sturdy printed packaging and is perfect as a birthday or Christmas gift for boys and girls alike! Seven games in one board: Will you feed your alien, smash the spaceship, pot the ball, or dash from the dinosaur? This kit comes with 102 magnetic pieces (in 6 sets) to transform the traditional dartboard into six brilliant fun games! All seven games come with simple instructions and have different difficulty levels to keep every age of player busy! The set also includes 4 sets of coloured magnetic darts so there is enough for everyone to join in the game plus a throwing line (to throw from). It’s the perfect choice for a games room, bedroom, party, office, or to enjoy at a family game night! Get kids active and good for mental maths: These addictive dart board games will help get kids away from a smart phone or screens, while improving both hand-eye coordination and mental maths in a fun way. No previous experience or skill is needed. Safe and wont damage your wall: Our magnetic darts are designed as safe alternatives to steel tip pointed darts and are safe for children over 3 years of age. The magnetic darts give the same amount of fun as traditional darts but with increased safety and without damaging the wall from stray darts. (As with any game, we would recommend removing any valuables or delicate items from the play area). High quality: The Magnetic Mayhem dartboard has a high-quality metal surface covered with printed vinyl. The 12 darts have extra-strong magnetic heads to stick firmly to the board. The darts have light-weight shafts and solid aerodynamic fins to help them fly accurately without excessive force. Mission Darts take customer service seriously. We guarantee 100% satisfaction with your Magnetic Mayhem game! A great introduction to darts: Traditional darts can be challenging at first. The Magnetic Mayhem game introduces all players to the basic darts skills of throwing, scoring, and practice. Progress through the series of games as you get better until you reach the magnetic regular darts! The Mission Magnetic Mayhem is: Fun for all the familyA great introduction to darts,SEVEN games in one board,Gets you active and is good for co-ordination,Good for mental maths,Safe to play (wont damage your wall),Really well made. Mission Magnetic Mayhem – Fun Darts Game – 7 Games in One – with 12 Magnetic Darts

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