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Our famous Darts Shop in St Helens

Our famous Darts Shop in St Helens… your shop for all things Darts !

St Helens Darts Shop

St Helens Darts has been serving the darts community for over 17 years. We love darts so much, that it has been passed down through family generations. At St Helens Darts Shop we are passionate about darts In-Store help with your darts & Free advise and help with your game /technique.  8 Dartboards to practice on. 3 Practice rooms, & Wheelchair hight dartboard,  Also Try out the fantastic Scolia system, Re-Pointing whilst you wait, Loads of large items at Knockdown prices, Stands, Dartboards, Surrounds , Electroninc Scorers & Much Much More, 4500 items available

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